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Guide: The new front door to your business

Engaging with prospective and current clients is exciting, and each interaction presents an opportunity to win (or lose) their business.

In order to keep these connections with customers alive, a strong and positive online presence is critical. Your business needs to be findable, accessible, and truly representative of who you are, and what your business has to offer.

It’s a lot, but we’re here to help. 

Video: Online advertising 101

How do you create Facebook ads? How do you identify your ideal target audience? What’s the best way to allocate budget? What are the best channels to use?

In this interview, online marketing pro David Lambert offers the answers to these questions and more.

Master your sales funnel.

Discover how to better understand and personally connect with your leads in our free guide.

The only customer service checklist you need

Consumer expectations are higher than ever. Are you delivering the personalized, responsive experiences customers and clients demand? Optimize your customer service with our comprehensive checklist.

Workshop: Delight customers 24/7

In today’s on-demand economy, customers want quick answers, personalized service, and to be able to connect in the way they prefer. Right now, someone is looking for your service or product, and if they don’t see an easy way to connect, they’ll move on.  

Never fear, Ruby is here! In this workshop, we’ll share how Ruby uses our proprietary software to personalize interactions, ensuring calls get to the right person while also keeping you in the loop. 

5 tricks to wow customers

The number one differentiator for businesses in the 2020s is customer experience.

If you can make the people you serve feel happy, cared for, and enthusiastic about working with your business, you’ll outperform the competition every time.

The ultimate guide to virtual receptionists.

Discover how you can turn your callers into customers with virtual receptionists.

Going virtual—and thriving

Where and how we work has changed, and likely for the long-term. Taking your makeshift work-from-home set up and transforming it into a sustainable business model might be easier than you think…

Remote work bliss

Ready to take your business fully mobile—and live your best life while doing it? Learn how to optimize everything about your business, from infrastructure to schedules to communication, into a system that can work from anywhere, any time.

5 easy ways to make connections

Creating real, meaningful connections with the people you serve can be as easy as practicing active listening or sending handwritten notes. We’ve put together five simple, actionable ways you can connect with your customers in a personal, authentic manner.

Resources for business owners

Explore a list of businesses offering free or discounted services to small business owners during COVID-19.

Finding good help just got easier.

The United States is facing a historic labor shortage. Employers of all kinds are encountering the same challenges, especially when trying to fulfill jobs in areas such as customer service, office administration, and sales/marketing.

If your business is facing these issues, Ruby has you covered.

Stop robocalls.

You’re in the zone. Then your phone rings. You don’t recognize the number, but it looks like someone from your area. It could be a prospect, customer, or client. So, you pick up the phone… only to hear spam on the other end.


Let’s end this problem once and for all.

Ruby: live virtual receptionists, 24/7/365

Success stories from the frontlines

“We have pivoted to telephonic and online services in a manner that has allowed business to continue, and even increase. We will continue rethinking how we approach servicing our clients, with particular emphasis on virtual and cloud-based systems to meet our clients where they are.”

“Already being a paperless office organization has certainly been a great thing with remote functioning capabilities ensured there was no gap in service or production.”

“The biggest win we will take away from this experience is the importance of running an operation with reduced overhead, therefore you are able to sustain operations even with a 35% reduction in productivity. I also learned to always be prepared to pivot when the conventional way of conducting business no longer works.”

“As a business owner, learning I need time to think and plan rather than react! Many of the things I have implemented lately would have helped us years ago if I had taken time to think about it. We have added safety and sanitation procedures since we work with older adults. We are adding another service besides relocation services to bring in more business. We have had time to refine our procedures add new processes to help us automate more of our business. We’ve also been getting additional education.”

“Think outside the box. COVID is forcing us to be creative. Our business has actually grown during this lockdown. Now with Ruby, we are more efficient, and our clients are happy.”

More insights

C-suite communication

It’s so easy to say, “Here’s what we should do.” It’s much harder to ask people, “What do you think we should do?”

Ruby’s CRO, Rebecca Grimes, shares how organizational leaders can make sure employees feel motivated, connected to each other, and aligned with the company’s values in this blog post.

Equity in the workplace

In this video interview from our popular Business Unusual series, Ruby Brand Manager Jill McKenna speaks to Katie Augsburger of Future Work Design about building equity and keeping expectations real for both employees and customers.

Learn more about…

Industry talk

Get serious about customer experience.

Sales Support

Go the extra mile.

From a Distance

Just closed a major deal with a customer and want to show your appreciation? Want to thank a client for years of business? Send ‘em something!


It doesn’t have to be a flock of flamingos (by the way, the correct collective term is a “flamboyance” of flamingos). You could send that customer or client…

        • flowers
        • pizza
        • a gift basket
        • cupcakes
        • a bottle of wine or champagne
        • branded company merch—such as a hat, t-shirt, or mug

The list goes on. Whatever you send, be sure to keep it tasteful, and try not to overthink it or overspend. The goal is to delight your customer or client with something small they’ll actually use or consume.

Ask the right questions.

For COVID and Beyond

“Would you like more information about our health and safety procedures?”


Keep in mind that many customers aren’t aware of the ins and outs of public health guidance, or the precautions various businesses are taking. They may not care—and that’s fine—but it’s important that you offer the information to those who do want to know.

Make like Bonobos.

And Master the Win Back

Looking to win back former customers?


Do it with some zest and some zeal like Bonobos and other companies.


What Bonobos did: Sent a short email to disengaged newsletter subscribers asking if they wanted to remain on the mailing list.


Why it works: This is a perfect example of how to write a winback email. It’s brief and upbeat, with a clear call to action. If people don’t click the button, they’re automatically removed from the list. Receptive customers have an easy way to re-engage, the rest stop receiving emails that aren’t relevant to them, and Bonobos keeps the list clean—all with minimal effort.

Get connected with live chat.

To Meet Expectations

Don’t think you need to offer chat on your website? Consider the facts:

        • 42% of all customers prefer chat over other communication channels.
        • 73% of consumers are satisfied with their experiences on live chat—the highest level of all customer service channels.
        • Chat prospects are 4.6 times more likely than other prospects to convert into customers.

Nail your greeting.

For COVID and Beyond

There are right ways and wrong ways to greet customers. Here’s how we do it at Ruby:

    1. Start with a greeting. It could be “Hello,” or “Thank you for calling,” or “Good morning/afternoon,” or a combination of all three.
    2. Say the company’s name. A plain “Hello” can be confusing to callers; they want to know that they’ve called the right place.
    3. Offer assistance. You can say “How may I help you?” or “How may I assist you?” or—when you’re routing calls rather than addressing questions directly—“How may I direct your call?” If there’s a question you need to ask every customer (“What’s your account number?”), this is the time to ask it—again, in a professional friendly way (“May I have your account number, please?”)

Score a good review.

By Making it Easy.

Everyone has an opinion. But relatively few people share their opinions with the world. Why? It’s not just due to shyness or modesty. It’s because, in many cases, leaving a review is hard work.


I mean, you have to have coherent thoughts, write things down, put words together, make coherent arguments. It isn’t easy. (Trust me—you don’t want to know how long this blog post took to write.)


Businesses bridge the gap between having an opinion and the effort of voicing that opinion by making it dead simple for customers to leave reviews. They use templates and buttons that allow people to provide feedback in seconds. They ask for and collect reviews in the channels in which customers are most active and receptive.


Small tweaks can have massive results. Home Depot, for instance, increased reviews by 55% after removing a single step in the customer review process. Rather than asking customers to click on a link within an email message and go to a separate landing page, the company lets people provide feedback by responding directly to the email.


Here at Ruby, we’ve used Hively, which generates a nifty little footer in email signatures with three buttons: a happy face, a “meh” face, and a sad face. People can simply click the icon that represents how they feel and send immediate feedback to us about how we’re doing.

Measure satisfaction.

From a Distance

The survey is an obvious go-to strategy for measuring customer service success–and with good reason. There are many tried-and-true methodologies you can leverage to test your customer touch points.


You may think “big money” when you consider doing a survey, but it’s easier than ever for a small business to develop a do-it-yourself poll. Write up a small handful of key questions, then use a free or low-cost resource such as Survey Monkey to send it out to your email list. The set-up is a breeze, and dynamite analytics are built right into the software.


You don’t need a huge customer list for your survey project to be a home run. Qualitative surveys can flood you with useful insight about your customers’ experience and attitudes.

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